West Waterford Festival of Food

West Waterford Festival of Food

The West Waterford Festival of Food is synonymous with fabulous food and fantastic family events. Held in Dungarvan each April since 2008 this festival draws crowds to the South East to savour the best of Irish produce and cuisine. As this year’s festival has unfortunately been cancelled due to the Covid-19 situation we are going to try and recreate the flavour (pun intended) of this great festival at home.

For adults

Planned workshops included food styling and food photography. Although social distancing prevents us from sharing meals with friends, don’t let your culinary creativity go undocumented. Practice taking beautiful photographs of your meals using these tips from Jennifer Operman. Share it on your WhatsApp group or Instagram. And when normality returns, expect plenty of visitors for dinner!

A major hit from last year’s festival was the blind tasting event with the Blackwater Gin Distillery. Why not recreate this event with your more trusted house mate. Invent a cocktail, concoct a new dish and present it to each other blindfolded, to decipher the contents. You can test how good your palate really is! The results may surprise you.

For older children

The people at Foodcloud were due to hold a food waste warrior workshop, sharing tips and tricks to reduce food waste. Learn about the work that Food Cloud does and discover tips to minimise waste in our own homes here. And while they are cooped up indoors, give your teenager the job of creating a family meal with minimum waste.

For younger children

The littlest bakers always take centre stage at the West Waterford Festival of Food. For anyone hearing ‘Mam, I want something to eat’ and ‘I’m bored’ for the 50th time before 11 o’clock, our next challenge kills two birds with one stone. This recipe for Oaty Chocolate Chip Cookies should keep hands busy and bellies full until lunchtime at least.

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