Special Needs Judo

Special Needs Judo

Special Needs Judo

Judo Assist Ireland is a wonderful organisation working to create opportunities for children and adults with special needs. It allows them to participate in the sport of judo in a safe and constructive environment, enabling each participant to achieve their full potential.
Judo Assist Ireland  work with many disability groups & organisations, schools, autism units and individuals across the length and breadth of Ireland and beyond.

Judo is one of the most participated sports in the world and is also one of the most adaptable.

Special-Needs-JudoJudo is suitable for people of all abilities and disabilities including but not limited to, Learning & Intellectual disabilities, Social disabilities (Autism, ADHD etc.) Sensory impairments (hearing & visual), Physical & motor disabilities, Down syndrome and much more………
There are no kicks, punches or striking of any kind and the element of respect is paramount.

Translated the Japanese word for judo is “The Gentle Way”.

There are two strands to their programme

  • Fully Inclusive and
  • Specialised Special Needs/Autism classes.

The fully inclusive classes are available in many progressive judo clubs around the country.  Specialised SN/Autism classes are only available in Tipperary, Galway, Offaly, Wexford and Belfast but there are plans currently underway to open several new specialised classes throughout the country.

Their aim is to concentrate on what the student can do and not on what they can’t.

The Tipperary Open Judo Friendship Games 2017 will be held in October in Nenagh Community College Sports Hall. Last year participants from all over Ireland descended on the town to take part in what was the only event of its kind in the world. Almost 100 children with additional needs competed for the very first time and did so alongside their mainstream peers. As the event was open to children & adults alike, for the first-time parents & children got the opportunity to compete alongside each other, encapsulating the pure definition of inclusion and sport for all.
Last year’s event was inspirational and we are sure are sure this year’s Friendship games will be just as memorable!
Visit www.specialneedsjudo.com for more information.