Rock N Roll for LauraLynn

Rock N Roll for LauraLynn

In the midst of darkness light persists – Mahatma Gandi

There is a very special place, in Dublin’s leafy suburbs, where extraordinary things happen everyday. Children with life-limiting illnesses are being cared for with compassion and dignity, in beautiful surroundings.
LauraLynn is Ireland’s only children’s hospice. For Ireland’s sickest children and their families, the work they do is vital.  They provide symptom management for the children, as well as play and music therapy.  These are not just patients, they are children. And the team at LauraLynn give them a childhood.
Depending on the child and the preference of their families, care can be provided in the hospice in Leopardstown, at hospital, in the community, or in the family home.

Hospice in Leopardstown

When a child is very sick the whole family is affected, but this is often overlooked. Not at LauraLynn though, where an important part of the service includes family and sibling camps.  

Since first opening its doors in 2011, LauraLynn has cared for more than 325 children and their families and provided more than 275,000 hours of short stay care to children in LauraLynn Hospice. They also provide end of life care and vital bereavement supports to families when they have lost a child.
One of the many children that LauraLynn work with is Eoghan. He is a very happy, bubbly and fun loving little boy. Eoghan has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He cannot walk or talk and is tube fed. Eoghan is also legally blind. However, despite all these challenges, Eoghan loves life and always has a smile on his face. One of his favourite things to do is to listen to music especially nursery rhymes, irish and country music. Eoghan loves Nathan Carter! He also likes One Direction and Little Mix thanks to his sisters who are 9 and 7.
Eoghan Enjoying Music Therapy


To Eoghan’s mother Teresa the services provided at LauraLynn are invaluable.

‘LauraLynn is like a second home for family. The girls love it and are always asking when we are staying again. We usually stay upstairs in the parents accommodation and Eoghan is cared for downstairs. It is like a mini break in a hotel for us. The nurses look after Eoghan and his needs and I can just be his mum. I get the time to play with Eoghan, read him a story, take him on the wheelchair swing and roundabout. LL gives us the time to have fun and make happy memories, to do the normal everyday things that we often don’t have time to do at home. We are forever grateful to everyone at Laura Lynn and to the people who donate to the hospice. It is such a special place, filled with laughter and joy.’
It costs €5.2 million per year to keep LauraLynn’s Children’s Hospice open, €3.5 million of which must be generated each year through fundraised income. And you can help….

Rock N Roll Marathon

This year on August 13th the Dublin Rock N Roll Marathon is taking place.  If you never thought running would be fun, this could change your mind.  
The route is spectacular. The half marathon starts in Dublin’s Docklands, and runs along the north side of the Liffey River.  You will pass the famous Ha’Penny bridge, Christ Church Cathedral, Kilmainham Gaol and then into Phoenix Park. If distance isn’t your strength,you can chose the 5k or 10k option instead.
There will be live local bands all along the way, providing the tempo as you pass.  You won’t even notice you’re exerting yourself!  Cross the finish line and bask in the feeling of accomplishment.  Finally, you can enjoy the finish line festival and live concert.
Eoghan will be 6 years old on the weekend of the Rock and Roll Marathon. To mark this special occasion he will be participating in the event with his family.
‘We are doing the family fun run together with Eoghan because we are always trying to find things to do together. Eoghan loves when we run with his wheelchair and he also loves music so the event is perfect for us. We also want to help raise awareness about Laura Lynn and to hopefully raise some much needed funds for this amazing place’


This will be a great day out.  But you can make it even better by running your race for LauraLynn.    Visit their website for details on how you can raise funds for their vital services.