Pupcake Day

Pupcake Day

We love dogs. We love cakes. A fundraiser that combines the two? A match made in heaven…
Pupcake Day is being celebrated all around Ireland on October 6th, raising much-needed funds for Dogs Trust Ireland. Could you gather some friends, both four and two-legged, and eat some treats for this great cause?

Bake Sale for Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust Ireland

Dogs Trust change the lives of abandoned and neglected dogs all over Ireland – from rescue right through to the day they find their Forever Homes.

Organise your own Pupcake Day Party

Getting involved couldn’t be any easier. Sign up here to receive your fundraising pack and then gather your gang.  If you would like to promote your bake-sale on InspireMe.ie, you can list your event free of charge using the promo code ‘Pupcake17’. Then it’s time to get baking. Or buying depending on your skill-set!
Along with the usual array of sweet treats for humans this is a great opportunity to try some homemade doggy treats. The Dogs Trust will give you lots of great tips and recipes to help you along. But after some less than extensive research on the InspireMe pooches we have come up with a few pointers to start you off.

  • Lots of ingredients that are delicious for humans are simply not good for dogs e.g. chocolate, milk products or macadamia nuts. Keep the nut brownies for those with two legs. No matter how big those puppy-dog eyes are as they look up at you!
  • Doggie biscuits should come out of the oven more dehydrated than a regular biscuit. This dryness helps to clean the dog’s teeth while they are eating. Try keeping the oven temperature low and the cooking time a little longer, to really dry out the dough.
  • Many dogs have an allergy to wheat. Rye, buckwheat, oat and coconut flours are all good alternatives.
  • Dogs are a lot more forgiving of soggy bottoms than Paul Hollywood, so have fun!


Happy Pupcake Day everyone!

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