Pint of Science Festival

Pint of Science

Pint of Science Festival

If when you think of Scientists, you picture a monosyllabic man in a white coat muttering away in dark laboratory, then this is the festival to smash your preconceptions. Started in the UK in 2012, Pint of Science is a worldwide organisation that allows us to meet some brilliant scientists, pick their brains and have a tipple…

The Pint of Science Festival 2019

The Pint of Science Festival runs between 20 and 22 May. There are some fascinating events planned in lots of pubs around Ireland.  Here’s a flavour of what’s on – For the full list see or visit



Pint of Science
Let’s Talk About The Small Things!

Size does matter. But sometimes in life, it’s the small things that count! Why not come out to the Old Oak and hear about the role of RNA and Vitamin A in cancer, plus viruses that can cause gut infections and how we characterise them and stop their spread. For details see here
Pop along to The Bridge Bar where some fantastic speakers will bridge the gap between our world and the quantum world. There will be some stimulating talks about quantum computing and X-rays. Schrodinger’s cat is out of the box and the quantum age is upon us! More details here.
Take to the air at The Poor Relation for some high flying talks on bird behaviour and bee genetics that are sure to leave you buzzing. More information here.
What do bugs, babies, and being a couch-bum have in common? Turns out, they’re all associated with depression. Head along to Deep South to hear about how the microbes in our guts, fatherhood, and exercise can all affect our mood. Find out more here.


Explore the wonders of the human body in Doyle’s Pub, how we got this far, how we keep up with the ever changing world around us and how regenerative medicine is shaping the next chapter of our story. More details here.

Pint of Science
Beautiful Minds And Brainstorms

Unravel the mysteries of Epilepsy the most common neurological condition in Ireland in The Mercantile  Pub. This event will explore current research towards weathering the storms of the brain. For more details see here.
Pop along to JT Pim’s to learn the truth behind the Irish Pub. From the science of a few scoops, to the art of the perfect spud and how we can improve in sport…. Basically the science of being Irish then! Find out more here.


Find out about how energy is used in water and wastewater treatment; how we can forecast changes in water quality; and how storms and droughts affect our lakes. All happening in the Spirit Store in Dundalk. Find out more here.

Pint of Science
Science In Our Daily Lives – Tech Me Out!

How does modern technology work? How does your movement sensor light know you’re there? Get the answers in The Neptune Bar, Blackrock. Details here.


In the words of the legend that is Kermit the Frog – ‘It’s not easy being green’. Find out about green tides, greenhouse gases and bees & grasslands inThe Kings Head. For details see here.
In the Róisín Dubh you will get the chance to get to know more about the properties of your brain matter and to see everything clearly now. More details here.



Pint of Science
Irish 100 Year Olds & Immersive Multimedia

Pop along to the Boathouse bar at Sean’s Bar in Athlone to discover the life of centenarians in Ireland and what helps them to live beyond 100 years. Fingers crossed the answer is pints…. Find our more here.


Met Eireann’s Evelyn Cusack will be in The Munster Bar explaining all  about Ireland’s weather and how it has changed through time. See details here.


Birr’s first ever Pint of Science event will take place in The Chesnut.  Learn about what local scientists get up to in their off-time and how state-of-the-art technology in Birr and elsewhere helps them with their research. For details see here.


JJ Bowles will host researchers and academics from the University of Limerick. Expect chats from the world of pharmaceuticals, mathematics and engineering and plenty of craic. Find out more here.
Pint of Science will definitely quench your thirst for knowledge. Events are free, but advance booking is essential. And move fast because they will book out in advance.
All details were correct at time of publication, but please be sure to confirm details with the event organisers before you travel. Check out for lots more great festivals happening throughout the summer.