Festivals in a time of social distancing…

Festivals in a time of social distancing…

All our lives have been turned upside down since the start of the year.  When we first heard reports of a virus causing illness on the other side of the world, we never knew that this was the beginning of a ‘before and after’.

Before the Covid-19 outbreak, we were redesigning our website to showcase the best
festivals and events happening around our gorgeous country.  Before, we were looking ahead to a year filled with great celebrations and performances. Before, we were free to gather together to celebrate the best of our arts and culture.

We don’t know yet what the ‘after’ will look like. But for now, we must remain separate to unite against this pandemic. We must show our support to our frontline heros who will fight for us. Together, yet apart we will prevail.

So instead of encouraging you to participate in your local events, we have decided to put together a series of projects. We are going to focus on some of our great festivals and make suggestions on how you can recreate their spirit at home. We’ll keep it simple – no crown- wearing goats for the living room. And the main message is to maintain social distancing at all times. No mosh pits please.

Email us on admin@inspireme.ie if you have any suggestions on past festivals you would like us to focus on, or if you want to share some ideas of your own. With this many creative people forced to stop working and spend time inside, wonderful art is bound to emerge.