Create content for event marketing

create content for an event

Create content for event marketing


Create Brilliant content

Promote your event online with carefully crafted words, images and video

Once you have a place online to promote your event, you will need great images, words and video to entice your audience

Where to create content for event marketing

One of the best, and easiest to use tools for creating great content for your website, social media posts and even printed posters, invitation and tickets is Canva. It’s free to use for a basic account and there are lots of great samples of templates for all types of material. 

Use the tools already you have creatively

Most smart phones have cameras with a high enough resolution to allow you to capture some great photos and videos. There are lots of apps that will allow you to edit the content directly on your phone. If you can get your hands on a good digital camera and video camera, even better. 

Before you begin to create content for your event, consider the following first…. 

Pick your colours

Before you begin creating content pick a colour palette to use across all content. Canva have some great advice on choosing suitable colours. 

Raid the archives

Has this event or similar happened before. Reach out to those who may have photos from previous editions and are happy for you to use them. The more variety the better. Alternatively get suppliers and performers to send you promotional photos.

Pick your fonts

Using similar fonts on all your content will give a great impression and help give your event a unique identity. Select a few that work well together..

Stock photos are photos that are often licensed for specific uses. You can get some great free photos on Pixabay and Unsplash that you can use on promotional material. Or if budget allow, Shutterstock and iStock have an enormous selection.

Taking new images and video

The best images to promote your event are ones that focus on the details. Try to capture the essence of your event and what makes it special. Is the venue spectacular? Take photos of it dressed for the event. Is the photo for families? Take photos of happy children (with parental permission). Is the food offering incredible? Use the photos to sell this event to your target audience. 

Getting the formatting correct

Images will need to be a different size on each social media platform. Canva will allow you to select the type of post you are creating and size it correctly for you. Make sure that you have a good variety of images, some landscape, some portrait and some square to give you the best choice. 

Writing about your event

When writing about your event, whether for a  social media post, on your website or for another online event guide, a strong and clear event description will excite potential attendees.  Tell them about what will happen at the event, who will be performing, and what they might get out of attending. Your event may be brilliant, but no one else will know without you telling and convincing them. 

Write for your audience

Write for your potential audience. in a tone of voice familiar to them. Using slang will work for a rap concert, but not for a lecture on fine art. 

When writing an event description it is import to write it from the perspective of the potential attendee. 

Finally, put the best information first. You have limited time to grab peoples attention.

Now that you have great content, it’s time to spread the word. There are lots of great ways of letting people know all about your event, both through your own social media and other websites.