Christmas Appeal For Friends of the Elderly

Christmas Appeal For Friends of the Elderly

Christmas means different things to different people. To most, it is a heartwarming time to spend with family and friends. For many children, it’s all about presents and Santa. But for some it means a heightened sense of loneliness and isolation.
We know that this is an expensive time of the year. Between presents, christmas nights out and the expense of entertaining, there is always a strain on the family budget.  But if we asked you to look beyond your own circle to those who have no one to think of them, you might find that really giving is the best gift of all…..

Friends of The Elderly Christmas Appeal 2017

Over 150,000 people over age 65 in Ireland are living alone. Many of these are socially isolated. Friends of the Elderly support older people living alone with no support. This Christmas they need you to support them.
Friends of the Elderly, with an annual budget of €300,000 supports up to 500 isolated older people. They receive no government funding. Volunteers arrange weekly visits and organise social events that allow older people to meet and mix with others. That is 500 people who may not have any other contact from one week to another.  There is also a telephone befriending service which operates nationwide. In addition, when funding permits, they aim to create a network of volunteer-based services around the country.

Friends of the Elderly
Christmas Party

This month there are three Christmas Dinners planned for 75 people at a time.  All three are fully subscribed already, a clear indication of how vital a service this is. Friends of the Elderly will be there in January too.  And every other month throughout the year, providing support and friendship to those who need it.
Would you like to help? And we don’t mean with the washing up….
Visit and give as little or as much as you would like. You could even do it on behalf of someone in lieu of a Christmas present.  Much better than another set of bath salts!

Thank you for being a friend of the elderly.