Cavan and Monaghan Science Festival

Cavan and Monaghan Science Festival

It’s full STEAM ahead in Cavan and Monaghan from 7th – 23rd November.  And by STEAM we mean Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths as the Cavan and Monaghan Science Festival is about to begin. There is an amazing programme of over 200 different workshops, talks, demos and events designed to engage and entertain all ages.  We have lots of the events listed on Or for the full programme visit Here are a few highlights to start you off on your voyage of discovery!

Leonardo Da Vinci – a STEAM Hero

Vitruvian Man

The ultimate Renaissance man, Leonardo Da Vinci, is the subject of a brilliant series of art workshops taking place in Monaghan Library and  Clones Library. These drawing classes will have you drawing your own Vitruvian Man…

Smarter Smartphones

The Science Behind Your Smartphone

You probably have a smartphone in your hands right now that is millions of times more powerful that the first computers used by Nasa in the 1960’s. Moreover these little devices can now do the work of  camcorders, walkmans, TV’s, camera, laptops and lots more.  But can you improve the way you are using it? Would you like to prolong it’s battery life? While reducing your bills? Also get the best Apps? The free workshops, listed below, will give you plenty of handy tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your smartphone.


The Science of wellness

This is a truly a feel-good festival. Explore the benefits of water for meditation, therapy and cleansing at Clones Library and Monaghan Library. Or perhaps a practical guide to caring for the skin on a daily basis at the Science of Good Skincare workshop in Castleblayney might benefit you or the teens in your life.

Every Dog (and Horse) has it’s Day

Equine Kinesiology

Our four legged friends are not forgotten in this varied programme of events. Certainly  horse lovers will want to check out the talk on Equine Kinesiology in Cootehill Library. Kinesiology is an energetic and holistic treatment, which looks at the horse as a whole, according to the fundamental principle of traditional Chinese medicine.  Dog health on the other hand is to the fore at the Monaghan Institute for You, Your Dog and Arthritis. The anatomy and physiology of the causes of arthritis will be explored. And some basic interventions that people can use for their own joints and their dogs joints will be shared. Surely this should ensure many more happy walks for you and your faithful friend into the future.

Science is the future

How about CSI Monaghan in the County Museum for budding criminologists? Or for those interested in photography why not learn a new skill and discover Astro Photography at this unique workshop in Monaghan? Instagram posts may never be the same again!

Secrets Of Superhero Science
Secrets Of Superhero Science

Or finally, the event that will reveal our source of all our powers… Secrets of Superhero Science in Castleblayney will be a captivating journey through the science behind the superpowers of some of your favourite superheroes… Up,up and away!
Essentially the Science Festival is all about challenging yourself and your family, learning something new but most of all having fun.  And with a huge variety of topics there really is something for everyone…
Don’t forget to visit regularly to find lots of inspiration for things to do in your own locality. And you can sign up here to receive regular updates on what’s on in your area. Finally, all events and details listed were correct at time of going to press. But please check with the organisers for updates before you travel.