Comedy and Economics – the perfect combination?


Wine and cheese, bacon and eggs, tea and biscuits. These classic combinations are designed to comfort not to challenge. However the organisers of Kilkenomics have decided that  a challenge is exactly what we need. And what better way to do so, than to combine those uneasy bedfellows – comedy and economics. Now in its 8th year Kilkenomics continues to grow in stature and importance. As the programme expands, the range of topics that can be dissected, discussed, teased apart – or just teased – grows more extensive. We have listed some of the highlights of this unique festival on Or be sure to check out for the complete programme of events.


Bye-bye Britain

Gerry Stembridge

Thursday 9th in Langton House Hotel will see an in-depth analysis of Brexit- One year on. Host Gerry Stembridge will guide an expert panel through the game changing decision of the British people to cut ties with the EU. Opportunity or threat for Britain itself, and the fall-out for Ireland North and South will be analysed. Expect lively discussion and up-to-the-minute political insights at this fascinating event.


Have yis no homes to go to…

David McWilliams

Also on Thurs 9th in Cleere’s Theatre Bar, one of Ireland’s top interviewers and comedians Colm O’Regan will chair a discussion on How to Really Fix the Housing Crisis. With a panel that includes David McWilliams, Aidan Regan and Karl Spain, expect some more unusual ideas on how to solve the spiralling costs of buying a home in Ireland in 2018.


Dunkin’ Economics

Andrew Maxwell
Andrew Maxwell

You may never have heard the term Doughnut Economics before. But with Andrew Maxwell at the helm, expect a night of laughter and insightful economics. Kate Raeworth is the author of Doughnut Economics. She will discuss a novel approach to meeting the needs of the world’s people from a limited supply of resources. Be prepared to be inspired. Or also on Friday 10th the incomparable Mr Maxwell will also be hosting Big Economic Ideas for 2018: Real Problems & Fake Problems. With a stellar panel including former Central Bank Governor Patrick Honohan, this is one of the highlights of the week.


Greed is Good (Or is it?)

Yanis Varoufakis

Insatiable, the New Rise of Greed on Fri 10th sees former Greek minister for finance Yanis Varoufakis and other guests in conversation with Colm O’Regan. Maybe the famous 80’s mantra that Greed is Good may not be the concept that we should be embracing. In this unique line-up, the place greed plays in economic life shall be challenged and questioned.


It’s not me it’s EU

Or on Sat 11th this formidable duo will also be discussing Knowing Me Knowing EU, Macron and the Future of the EU Project. 60 years old, the EU is at a crossroads. The panel will try to make sense of the many challenges and changes that lie ahead. Or for the low down on what’s happening on the other side of the pond, don’t miss From JFK to Trump, the Economics of the White House. Father and daughter Harald and Pippa Malmgren will give their unique insight into the West Wing, having served as economic advisers to 5 US presidents.

Clever and Funny – The Perfect Festival

With discussions on Uber, bitcoins, Trump and Conor McGregor, Kilkenomics has some of the best topics and panels ever gathered on Irish soil. So we recommend a trip to the historic city of Kilkenny this November . Can you imagine how well-informed your dinner party conversations will be from now on!


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