Big Ireland Quiz for Muscular Dystrophy Ireland


Big Ireland Quiz for Muscular Dystrophy Ireland

What is the capital of Tanzania? Who did Kilkenny beat to win the 1974 All-Ireland hurling final? What is Hillary Clinton’s maiden name? *
I have absolutely no idea…..
Even if your general knowledge is limited to Coronation Street characters and the names of discontinued Cadbury chocolate bars, nothing beats a quiz night.  The night begins with high expectations and a blank sheet of paper.  Sometime about Round 6, there might be a row over the name of Madonna’s first single. And one of the team members is sent to have a sneaky peep at the neighbour’s answer.  By the end of the night you will be having such a laugh that the fact that no one believes you that crabs have 10 legs is immaterial.

So nothing beats a quiz night – Except a quiz night for a great cause.

Big Ireland Quiz

The Big Ireland Quiz is an exciting new nationwide table quiz tournament in aid of Muscular Dystrophy Ireland.  Local quiz heats are being held across Ireland during October/November, with the top 2 teams in each local heat qualifying to take part in a national Grand Final Quiz in Dublin in January.

Muscular Dystrophy Ireland

MDI’s primary objective is to provide support for people and their families who are living with muscular dystrophy and allied neuromuscular condition.
Muscular dystrophy is the collective name for a range of neuromuscular conditions, which are characterized by the progressive weakening and wasting of the muscles. It can affect adults and children. Some forms arise at birth or in childhood, others may not manifest themselves until later in life. Each type of muscular dystrophy arises from a different genetic mutation or deletion which is inherited from one or both parents, or is due to a spontaneous mutation. This means that there are many families who have more than one member with the condition.  There is no cure for muscular dystrophy but there have been huge advances in increasing the quality of life for people with the condition and scientists around the world are working hard to develop new treatments.
Muscular Dystrophy Ireland  support people and their families who are living with muscular dystrophy.
The Big Ireland Quiz is your chance to support them while having a great night out.
There are quiz nights planned in various locations around the country. Here’s a few to start you off

Visit the MDI website for more venues.  Or maybe you could organise your own?
*I googled the answers, which is not good etiquette during the actual quiz!
Dodoma; Limerick; Rodham