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We love days out with
our families, with
friends, on our own

Like many businesses, InspireMe Ireland was conceived to solve a problem.  Two problems, in fact.


Problem number one. We love outings. We love days out with our families, with friends, on our own… Field days, festivals, fun runs, farmer’s markets, all good. But finding information on what activities are happening in our localities and areas we planned to visit was proving challenging.  We had to trawl through numerous websites, some aimed young families, some for specific counties and some for specific interests.  Often a poster on a lamppost was our prompt to attend a local event.  But what if we didn’t see it in time or couldn’t remember the information on the date or location?  What if a member of our group has special needs?  Should we take a chance that this event would be suitable.


All too often, events were missed which were happening just around the corner from where we were, and weekends were spent feeling uninspired. 


The second problem we are trying to solve is particular to  the events themselves.  All around the country, people are working tirelessly to raise money for charities and provide activities for the enjoyment of their communities.  We have often been to events with poor attendance, only to mention them subsequently to friends who would invariably reply, “If we had only known it was on we would have gone”.  How could we help event organisers to publicise their events to the right people in an easy and affordable way?




And so InspireMe Ireland was born...

We aim to provide a platform for events and amenities of all sizes, to promote themselves and reach people in their immediate locality, surrounding areas and those who might be visiting or just passing through.  We want to inspire people to get out there and make plans for your time off, to see whats going on in your area, support charities and community groups.  If you’re a visitor to an area, we want you to experience the best of what it has to offer and maybe try something new. And in all cases to be able to ensure before you set out that your chosen event is going to meet your specific needs.

InspireMe Ireland is not associated with any particular charitable organisation, however occasionally we may support charitable campaigns and appeals. 

Our values:

We aim to offer excellent customer service, with prompt replies to enquiries and continuous support to organisers and users of our Site.
We will promote inclusivity.  This website is not just for those with special needs, but we believe a society that prioritises inclusivity is one in which we want to live and work. 
We will endeavour to highlight organisations that are accessible to all.   We aim to provide content and information to those with special needs to help enable them to fully participate in nationwide events.
We will support charities and clubs by providing them with free listing for their fundraising events. Please contact us if would like to avail of this service.
We aim to provide our users with an excellent service on a sophisticated platform, with relevant content and accurate information. 
We welcome all feedback regarding the quality of the information on this site at any time.

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Registered address is Kilmacomma, Dungarvan Rd, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary

Directors are A. O’Driscoll, M. Byrne, B. O’Driscoll.