5 Things to Do This Week

5 Things to Do This Week

8 – 14 February – Our top 5 things to do this week

Looking for some ideas to pass a few hours. We have some great online events for you to enjoy from the comfort of home. Here’s our favourite things to do this week…..

FESTIVAL: Dublin Chinese Lunar New Year

Celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year and the advent of the Year of the Ox. There are some lovely events planned, including online cooking demonstrations, concerts, workshops and films. Many locations around Dublin will be going red from the 11th to 14th to add a bit of colour to those evening walks.

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Link: Dublin Chinese Lunar New Year

READINGS: Stories For Imbolc

To celebrate the ancient festival of Imbolc, the halfway point between winter solstice and the spring equinox,limerick’s Belltable has recorded three new adaptations of Irish stories. Inspired by the time of the Tuatha de Dannan, long before the Celts ever came to Ireland – when Gods and Goddesses were common, and the fairy people still lived over the ground. These stories of Étaín, Emer and the Ulaid are written, directed and read by some of your favourite Limerick artists.

Link: Limetree Theatre

HISTORY: Teatime Talks: ‘The makings of the people’s game – Football in Dublin 1880-1970’

Teatime Talks is a series of talks inspired by the history, people and surroundings of 14 Henrietta Street. This Wednesday at 7pm, Gerard Farrell of the Bohemian Foundation talks about one of Dublin’s most popular pastimes. Initially emerging as a minority pursuit in the city’s elite schools and universities in the 1880s, football in Dublin enjoyed spectacular growth as both a game to be played and one to be watched and enjoyed. By the early 20th century, with the foundation of many of the city’s major clubs, soccer began to enjoy mass popular appeal.

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Link: 14 Henrietta Street

FESTIVAL: #DouglassWeek.

This is an all-island, collaborative event series that celebrates the arrival of slavery abolitionist Frederick Douglass in Ireland between 1845-1846. The week is marked by a variety of performative events, creative installations and critical discussion, offering a collection of responses to address the footprint of Douglass in Ireland.

Link: Douglassincork.com

THEATRE: Druid at Home – Once Upon a Bridge

Early one morning on Putney Bridge, three strangers’ lives collided for one fleeting second. Inspired by real events, Once Upon a Bridge weaves a tale about human triumph and frailty, about the power of destiny and chance, and why sometimes we choose to hate, and other times we choose to dance.

A new play by Sonya Kelly. Directed by Sara Joyce
Live Streamed from The Mick Lally Theatre, Galway 11 – 13 February.

Link: Druid

Finally, all details on our list of things to do are correct at time of publication. Please check with the organiser before finalising your plans. In addition, we ask that you are mindful of the current HSE Covid -19 guidelines at all times.

Do you have a great event coming up? So tell us all about it here.